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If you’ve come to this page, you’re looking for answers about the interior decorating process. If you’re interested in saving time, frustration and money, working with an experienced interior decorator is the best way to get the job done. For example …


Question: How much will I typically invest to turn my home into a place of comfortable yet simple elegance?

Answer: We work together as a team to transform your house into your dream home. Think about the amount of time you spend in your home. What price are you willing to pay to love living in your home? Bella Casa Decor fits almost any budget. So, the investment you make into loving your home will always be just the right amount for you.

Question: What’s the process I’ll follow to turn my house into a place I love returning to again and again?

Answer: Think of us as your personal home decorating shoppers. During our initial FREE consultation, we first meet at your house. We make your project convenient for you in this way. Coming to your home saves you time, worry and money because decorating your home starts in your home rather than in a furniture store. Together, we walk thru each of the areas you’d like to transform. We ask you specific questions. By listening to what your individual needs are, we create your dream interiors. Because lifestyles and decorating tastes vary from person to person, we specialize in creating interiors that reflect you and your unique style.

Question: How much do you charge for a consultation?

Answer: There are several types of consultations. An initial consultation is free. During the initial 2 hour consultation at your home, we thoroughly explain our services. As we tour your home together, we establish project goals, budget and time frames. Imagine living in your ideal home within a few weeks time.

See yourself coming home, slipping off your shoes and letting your toes be tantalized in soft, luxurious carpet. Picture you and your family enjoying the engaging, soft, earth tone colored living room walls where you entertain special guests. Or, envision a trophy room with encased cabinets showing your impressive awards for excellence in your special talents.

However you’d like to live in your home, by the time we complete our initial consultation we establish everything we need to set up your final consultation. The final consultation entails finalizing designs, scale drawings, product samples, color selections and pricing. It’s all so exciting, to think that your dream home is really within your reach!

Question: Do you offer consultation for do-it-yourselfers?

Answer: We love do-it-yourselfers. We show you how to make your house into a home, by the hour, or in discounted 3-5 hour consultation packages. By providing multiple types of services, we fit virtually any lifestyle decorating budget. For a detailed list of offered services, please visit our Services Page.

Question: From start to finish, how long before I can enjoy being in my dream home?

Answer: The time frame to complete your unique, custom design project varies from project to project. We work with many contractors and suppliers to get you exactly what you want. For this reason, some projects can take six to eight weeks and sometimes more.

Reneé recognizes your need for a prestigious looking home in the fastest time possible. Hiring her expertise, she makes sure the job is done right the first time. No need for you to blindly stumble through the project hoping you’ll get professional results. Since 1993, Reneé gladly helps you get what you want for your home. You can trust her for your design project.

Question: Do you deliver the products as they arrive?

Answer: After you give us your deposit, we place your order. We track your order at all times saving you frustration and worry. Once we receive all items, we schedule a convenient time for our professional team to install your products in your home. We pride ourselves in providing superior professional service to you.

Question: Does the homeowner have to be at home or present for the product installation?

Answer: Our bonded, insured, experienced team of professionals can be trusted to deliver and install your products in a way convenient for you. Should you be home or away, we deliver and install your products according to your time schedule. And, our team is trained in pet socializing. So, they can work with your pets, cleanup, and lock the door after completing the job.

Question: Does your company require the project to be a minimum cost or size?

Answer: You are the boss at Bella Casa Décor. Bella Casa Décor provides service for people decorating their entire home, one room at a time, for those building a new home, for those needing project management, assistance in product selection, or for full service decorating. Bella Casa Décor offers you a wide range of decorating services. Tell us how we may serve you. We LOVE special projects!

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